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Due to COVID19 the college has scheduled all my online art courses online. I will conduct the courses via the ZOOM app. Here is a link on how to join a Zoom Class: I am running three courses:

  • Landscape Painting for beginners
  • Introduction to Portrait Drawing and Painting
  • Meditative Art

If you have any questions please email me at For registration enquiries please call Ballsbridge College on TEL: 1-6684806

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Introduction to Portrait Drawing and Painting
In this online course, I will begin each lesson with a small talk on the class objective(s) and I will do demos on portrait drawing or painting. You will also have a chance to ask any questions during the session. This course will run for 10 weeks. To participate you will need a simple electronic device such as a pc, laptop or tablet with internet access. You will also be emailed a ZOOM link prior to the class.

Course Outline & What You’ll Learn
Portrait painting can seem daunting, however this course is suitable for both beginners and those with some experience.

You will learn the foundational skills of portrait drawing and painting, combining; composition/proportion/tonal work and how to mix skin tones, with the overall goal of capturing a likeness of the person you are painting.

You will have an opportunity to explore various drawing materials such as pastels, charcoal, graphite to see which you like best. In regards to painting we will focus on painting with oil paint. You will develop your observational skills and study portraits created by famous artists.

Initially you will need – a sketchbook(9x12inches/bigger), graphite pencils(HB, 2B,) and some compressed(hard) charcoal. If you haven’t been able to source any of the above, you can use printer paper and a biro/pen.

Course Start Date: TBA

Landscape Painting for Beginners - How to Read the Outdoors and Simplify it into a painting you love!
In this online course, I will break down the process of landscape painting. Each week I will teach one of the key steps to paint a painting outdoors. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and practice what you have learned. This course will run for 10 weeks. To participate, you will need a simple electronic device such as a pc, laptop or tablet with internet access. You will also be emailed a ZOOM link prior to the class.

Materials you’ll need
Just have some sketching paper to hand, pencils or a pens for your first lesson. I will provide you with a materials list during our first lesson. Further information After this course you should be able to confidently participate in the two major Plein Air Painting Festivals in Ireland.
The Dublin Plein Air Festival and
AITO Wexford.
Course Start Date: TBA

Meditative Art - To Cultivate Mindfulness and Creativity!
In these uncertain times meditative art is useful to stay calm and clear minded helping you to make better life choices. Meditative art is a practice that can help ease you through challenging days using simple mark making to enable you to focus your attention and to cultivate self-awareness and creativity!

Click here to see the type of meditative art you’ll learn:

A brief outline of how the course will run
In this online course, I will give you a weekly demonstration, after which you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions and practice what you’ve learnt. This course will run for 10 weeks. To participate, you will need a simple electronic device such as a pc, laptop or tablet with internet access. You will also be emailed a ZOOM link prior to the class.

Course Outline & What You’ll Learn Meditative art is a repetitive process where we repeat the simple strokes of dots, lines, curves and rings to create unlimited designs and patterns. As everyone is an artist of his or her own life, every meditative art piece is unique in that it’s completely your own work. All you will need for the course is a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil to get started. You don't need fancy coloured pens or a mathematicians geometry set to make a mandala. It's great if you already have them and want to bring them into your drawing, but they are by no means necessary at this point. If you can hold a pen, you can practice meditative art. No art background needed. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start. If you have some experience with meditative art, come and explore new techniques. The main meditative techniques I will be teaching on this course are drawing mandalas and zentangles. You’ll also learn about the background of meditative art, its visual language and mindfulness techniques to help you to tap into a relaxing mindset conducive to the meditative practice. Course Start Date: TBA

If you have any questions please email me at

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I am an artist based in Dublin. After graduating with a BA Hons in Business from Trinity College, Dublin I pursued my passion for art at The Irish School of Animation, Ballyfermot graduating with a higher diploma in Classical and Digital Animation. Training in the discipline of animation helped me develop a fine sensitivity for portraying the human figure as I received a rigorous training in many art subjects, visual language and life drawing being the most valuable to me in helping me become the artist I am today.

After college I subsequently worked in the design industry initially as an animator and then as a webdesigner. As an artist I am always inspired to study new approaches to help me to keep developing my sensitivity and expressiveness in my artwork. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have the following artists as my teachers:

    • 2019 Paul Foxton - Munsell Colour, Belfast Academy of Realist Art
      2018 Ernie Gilbert's Character Design for Animation intensive workshop.
      2017 Imogen Bone - Mixed Media Coastal Landscape Painting, Newlyn School of Art, Cornwall.
      2016 Joni Duarte, Archie Wardlaw, Ann Witheridge - Figurative Portraiture landscape drawing and painting using Atelier Method, London Fine Art Studios.
  • In 2002 I moved to Asia for 5 years, it was during that time that I had my first teaching job. I taught English and Yoga and discovered that I really enjoyed teaching. In 2013 I went back to college to study digital media, animation and graphics being the main core subjects.

    From there I started teaching digital art and Illustration for the City of Dublin Education and Training Boards - at Rathmines and Ballsbridge Colleges. In 2014 I studied for the National University of Ireland Certificate in Training and Continuing Education to help me develop my teaching skills and to learn how to efficiently design educational programmes for my art courses.

    I am a regular participant of both the Dublin and Wexford international Plein Air painting festivals. In 2018 I won the runner up prize for my painting at the Dublin Plein Air festival. The previous year my photography received an honorable mention in the Wexford Art In The Open festival. I have been selected on several occasions to participate in the Royal Hibernian Academy Intensive Life Drawing Courses. I am a member of the North Dublin Life Drawing Club and also of the Dublin Plein Air Group.

    I am available for art teaching positions and as I was a passionate art student who received A grades at both intermediate and leaving certificate levels, I feel I have the experience and mindset to help any student to artistically express themselves to their full potential.

    I am a registered member of the Teaching Council of Ireland and I am also Garda Vetted.

    Please contact me if you would be interested in discussing commissioning options for artwork. Click to view my up to date artwork.

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    Oil Painting

    Painted at the Wextford Art In The Open Festival

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    A sample of the Meditative Art I teach at the City of Dublin Education and Training Boards

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    Web Animation

    Raindrops and Rainbows from HelenKeane on Vimeo.

    Created using Photoshop and After Effects.

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    Participating in Life Drawing sessions is part of my studio practice.

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    "Break Through After The Thunderstorm" this is a plein air pastel painting of a landscape on the way to Hook Head, Wexford.

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    Photography And Image Retouching


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